APRIL: 7-13 // 21-27 
MAY: 5-11 // 19-25
JUNE: 2-8 // 16-22 // 30-6
AUGUST: 11-17 // 25-31
SEPTEMBER : 8-14 // 22-28
OCTOBER : 6-12// 20-26​​​​​​​
Take time for yourself and honour your temple with a breakaway in beautiful Sintra. Join us for one week and be immersed in nature. During this time together we are going to explore the Vinyasa discipline starting from the most traditional approach, the eastern one, till the most contemporary and creative one. This experience is designed for those who wish to go deeper into the practice of  Vinyasa Yoga, to understand its techniques, its secrets, it philosophy. Bks Iyengar writes: "The word vinyasa has two parts. Vi means separating and nyasa means placing or putting down. Vinyasa means separating and putting down or placing in a sequential order." We will point at the exploration of the correct alignment which will bring you an understanding of the healing purpose of the asanas and the inner feeling of the body and mind. 
We'll practice and experiment the coordination of dynamic continuous movement of primarily introductory poses to offer the practitioner further insight into the natural flow and evolution of actions inherent in the asanas and how they correlate to each other.  From the sunrise till the sunset will incorporate the proper method in its full spectrum.
6 days of practice
2 yoga classes per day
Daily meditation and pranayama sessions
1 Gong Bath session and Kundalini Yoga
Evening activities ( Keertan, Fire circle, Gardening, Forest Walk )
Daily delicious brunch and dinner
6 nights accommodation
Amazing surroundings
Ocean 5 min away by car-bus

Yoga styles

Check-in Time:
Check-out Time:

Retreat Location
We are in a small village, rural and authentic. between Ericeira and Sintra, Portugal, the European modern spiritual mecca. Portugal is a place which is witnessing a transversal migration of people with a common intention of contemporary society based on sustainable living in harmony with the earth, with the elements. Almashala is located in a strategic location. The Sintra reserve is few steps away and is one of the most suggestive natural attraction of all Portugal, and it offers infinite walking and trekking routes. From our place, you can arrive at the beach by walk, passing through an enchanting path in the forest, or following the river and getting lost in the valley. Ericeira was declared World Surfing Reserve in 2011 and is special for a world-class 8 km long surf coastline. Space is really huge, are 260 square meters.


A balanced and healthy diet is as important as the practice for us. Ideally, a yogic diet would be rich in sattvic foods. Sattvic foods are generally fresh vegetables, grains, and legumes, mild spices, and mildly sweet foods. According to Ayurveda, this is the best diet for a yogi to adopt. It helps keep the mind clear and Sattvic and makes you feel good physically and emotionally. as opposed to rajastic or tamasic. The food that Almashala provides follows these lines, most of the raw material come from our garden and all the recipes are inspired by an integral and low sugar diet approach.

Low Season :April- June // September- October
High Season: July- August.
GROUP ROOM Almashala-----LOW SEASON 1 person 615 EUR--- HIGH SEASON 675
TWIN SHARED ROOM Almashala----LOW SEASON 1 person 670 EUR--- HIGH SEASON 735
The Daily Schedule is this:
07.30-08.00 Tea and Dry Fruits.
08.00- 09.30 Meditation and-or pranayama, and Hatha yoga class
10.00-11.30 Brunch and Chill.
12.00-18.00 Free Time (Spend a day at the Beach, Try a surf class, Visit Sintra, Mafra Palace, Ericeira, Forest walk, Treatment, etc).
18.00- 19.30 Evening Yoga Class (or Sound Healing, according with the day).
19.45 20.30 Dinner.
21.00 ( Optional Evening Activities -Fire Circle- Kirtan).
22. Silence, Bed Time.

You can cancel your registration at any time by emailing us.  All refunds are subject to cancellation fees.  Regardless of reason for cancellation, the cancellation fees will be calculated as follows: 
Up to 60 days before start of event, 25% of full tuition, plus €30 administrative fee.
59-31 days before start of event, 50% of full tuition, plus €30 administrative fee.
Within 30 days before start of event, 100% of full tuition (no refund).
Please it is necessary to send us an email before to pay, in order to conform the availability .
Thank you!
Thank you!
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