"Unique and special experience" The last 7 days at this retreat has been one of the most memorable experiences for me. Morning meditation, challenging but fun yoga, an incredible “sound healing” session which was a unique experience entirely and a beautiful Mantra singing night with instruments and the local community. Maria, the chef at the retreat cooked up fresh organic vegan food daily which totally changed my perspective of vegan food entirely as it was always creative and delicious. This place that Lavi & Samu have created really isn’t like a typical, fancy retreat. Don’t get me wrong - it’s super clean, has all the facilities you need, the shower doesn’t run out of hot water, there’s always enough food so you never go hungry and the location is stunning. But it genuinely feels more like home, but better. Sitting by the fire reading a book, sharing stories & laughter around the dinner table, forming connections with people from all different backgrounds. Both Lavi & Samu are amazing instructors. I was a COMPLETE beginner but they always pushed me to do more, try harder, to improve with every class. Lavi has amazing energy, the funniest stories and a kindness that makes you feel at home within seconds. Samu’s peaceful energy, kindness and constant smile is contagious. ♥ Thank you thank you thank you to both of you. What you have created is a unique, special little safe haven, so authentic and beautiful so please don’t change a thing. See you again soon x
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