Look around you and you'll see how people are stiff and rigid. 
The more we age the worse it is.
Back pain is practically as common as a cold.
It's like a hidden and neglected epidemic.
Most back pain and musculoskeletal disorders are caused by back pain. 
Stiffness is considered normal, but it is not.
Stiffness can be caused by both emotional and physical stress.
The body naturally tends to stiffen to alleviate physical pain and emotional sensations, it is a defence tool.
A stiff back is a back whose muscles are always in a state of contraction, a back that supports an invisible weight, an emotional weight.
Stretching is the simplest and most effective way to relax the body because it gives elasticity to muscles and tendons, to tissues that control the position and movement of bones and joints.
Physical relaxation can only be achieved by improving the elasticity of the body.
Muscles are stress-sensitive and if they are not reset, the signs of stress produce stiffness and the ability to physically relax is lost.
Stretching with proper technique can also help to promote the efficient circulation of the blood, to prolong the breath. It also helps with depression, insomnia, hypertension, migraine fatigue and a lot more.
Our Hatha Yoga class are designed for this purpose and are open to all.
Learn to Relax, energise your body and your mind to live a better life.
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