Community Gathering.
Almost Every Sunday we do open the doors of our space to the community to sing together in a circle 
and to share songs of Peace and Devotion. The event is free and open to all.
with Marc Plannels

Marc Planells Safont Born in Barcelona, in 1980. Lives in Portugal since 2009. He is a composer, musician and multi-instrumentalist, he plays different instruments such as: Sitar, Oud, Lavta, Afghan Rubab, Saz, Fretless Guitar, Jaltarang, Fram Drums. He is trained in Music and studies Modern Music at the Conservatory of the Liceu in Barcelona. At the same time, he studied singing and vocal technique with several masters. He is part of several groups where he works as a composer and musician. He has already made countless study trips around the world, especially to the East to deepen his musical studies, and it is in India that he spends several years in intensive residences under the tutelage of some Gurus (masters) of Hindustani music, Chant, Sitar, and Jall Tarang. Due to his interest and passion for world music, he also travels to Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Germany where he studies different instruments: Oud, Saz, Afghan Robab, Lavta … He plays and collaborates with different groups at national and international level such as: Lisboa String Trio, Triptico, Terrakota , Orquestra Todos, Selam, Anaidcram, Imidione, Yogi Estrangong, Terraignota, Trobadors, Músicos do Tejo, Ludovice Ensemble … He has developed a self-taught work in the visual arts: in painting and drawing. As well as in the construction of musical instruments and the reconstruction of stringed instruments.
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